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Features up-to-date information on my teaching and teaching-related experiences
Cheska Lorena's VisualCV

Features interactive links to graduate-school artifacts in curriculum design and technology, and
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What I Offer To A School and Its Learning Community

Passion and Personality
  • Enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching as life-long vocations
  • Commitment to high standards for myself, my students, and my colleagues
  • An upbeat attitude, sense of humor, and strong ability to develop positive relationships

Instructional Expertise and Leadership
  • A safe, organized, and nurturing classroom environment for effective learning
  • Experience with culturally-diverse student demographics with limited English proficiency and disabilities
  • Knowledge-base of learner-centered and differentiated instruction and assessment
  • A strong partnership with parents, administrators, and local community

Commitment to Learning
  • Engages in reflective practice and continuous learning to fine-tune teaching methods
  • Holds certification in middle-level and secondary-level sciences
  • Holds certification in instructional technology

Collage Video

In this 2-minute teacher commercial, I try to provide prospective employers, colleagues, students and parents an overall sense of who I am as an individual and teacher. I focus specifically on key beliefs on education, student learning, and technology.